Saturday, April 14, 2007

what do i think of myself

hehehe...i have nothing better to here it is:
1. I'm funny, i have been told that i can be a good tv presenter (i want to work in MTV) since i know how to make people laugh. do u agree with this?
2. i'm knowledgeable, every morning its my habit to read current news from Malaysia and from around the world, i love browsing through wikipedia and skyscrapercity. i hope it would do me good during my interview with petronas next year.
3. i'm into politics..ask faiz about it...people are just annoyed when 2 of us talk about politics.
4. into himself, yes...i think i'm gorgeous.
5. unmotivated...for this year that is..but trying hard to change it
6. i'm in need to elaborate
7. talkative...very..
8. i like awkward moments..its funny.
9. i like to stay at home rather than travelling around.
10. i have a small circle of friends. would love to expand it.
11. i don't like argument...sometimes i cried because of it..if the argument is to intense.
12. Proud to be a Sarawakian
13. I'm not racist.

ok...Thats all for u agree that i am all of the above


yaya schmaya said...

wowww kazarrr!! kazoii!! ur blog is sooo CUN now!! hihihi damn maju lahhh now! heheh. nways....yes yes i agree with everythin u said bout urself too!! hahahah yes u R SOOOO FUNNY k! ngehhehe =D n kazoiiii, nanti tell me more bout stuff u know, letz sembang2 intellectual then i can gain more knowledge from u so it can help me with my interview nanti...ack! hihih =)

oh! we hav a similarity.... i HATE arguments too!! can make me cry ok!

i missss youuu kazoiii..... gdluck with ur assignments n all...kirim my salam rindu n L.O.v.E to ur roomie mamid pleaseeee!! =D

shairazi bahari said...
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